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I'm so glad you're here!

I was born and raised in Michigan before spending 5 years with my husband in Colorado where I pursued semi-elite level running, adventure and my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. We have since settled in Mid-Michigan with our son + twin girls. Three under three is no joke, but motherhood has pushed me to become the best version of my self and as a photographer.

My love language is a morning cup of coffee in my sunroom, before the rest of the world (or at least my house) is awake. I'm an enneagram 3w4 and have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with vanilla bean ice cream + chocolate chip sundaes. I love pineapple on pizza and a Sam Adams Cold Snap (takes me right back to training for my first Boston Marathon in Colorado).

I've become even more nostalgic since becoming a mom... and have realized just how fleeting these days are.

For the longest time, chasing an OTQ ( Olympic Trials Qualifier) in the marathon was my #1 goal... I still love running, especially on a crisp summer morning, but am enjoying this less competitive season and have gotten more into weight lifting since graduating PT school.





I am constantly re-watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Schitts Creek and New Girl. Maybe its the comfort of knowing exactly what is going to happen or the nostalgia they bring me, but I'd rather watch a re-run than try a new show most days.

I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapist and specialize in Women's and Pelvic Health. I will DIE on the hill that a pelvic health PT referral should be the standard of care after having a baby... but anyways... I still practice PT 3 days a week and love serving my patients helping them reach their goals!

I rarely match my socks and my number one pet peeve is people who don't put their shopping carts back. There I said it.

xx, Lauren

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facts about me

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The mountains were calling

I had to go

I lived in Colorado for 5 years with my husband while earning my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. If you ever want to visit the most quaint mountain town, head to Crested Butte, CO... go to Camp4Coffee and head on to Lower Loop. You won't regret it.

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I've run 5 marathons

and still want to do more

I was a walk on -> 2 x All- American at SVSU in Track + Cross country, so naturally after I graduated marathons seemed like the next natural step. I've run Boston 2x and was on a crazy quest for an OTQ and am in the 1% of marathoners to run under 3 hours!

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I'm fueled by coffee + chaos


If I'm not out capturing your adventures or having some of my own.. I'm probably in my sunroom with a cup of coffee and its probably cold (iykyk) or at one of the local coffee shops editing or online shopping for my kids + home decor.

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Joanna Gaines wannabe

its always demo day here

I love old homes and interior design. We bought a 1930's cape cod 5 years ago and have had so much fun (and stress) fixing her up and adding some Modern Scandinavian vibes to her old bones.

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Momma first

my greatest accomplishment

I've always dreamed of being a mom. Its my greatest accomplishment and my biggest challenge. The balance will never be perfect by mom life always comes first. Motherhood has made me even more nostalgic and sentimental which has transformed my photography

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always down for adventure

I'm based in Michigan but am always down to travel wherever your adventurous soul takes you.

Discounted Bucket List Destinations include:


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